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Vishal Kanojia

iOS Development Learning Resources For Beginners

Swift, SwiftUI, Learning2 min read

Here is a list of resources to learn iOS application development.

1. 100 Days of Swift/SwiftUI from Hacking With Swift

100 Days of Swift is a free collection of video, tutorials and tests to learn Swift. There is a a more recent SwiftUI version of the same course which can help you get started with SwiftUI. Once you complete any of these free courses, you’ll get a certificate which you can add to your social profiles.

  • 100 Days of Swift -
  • 100 Days of SwiftUI -

2. Stanford - CS193p - Developing Apps for iOS

This is the most recommended course to learn iOS development (source). It is a free course offered by Stanford University. The course is available on YouTube and Apple's iTunes U. The course is taught by Paul Hegarty. The course is updated every year to include the latest changes in iOS. The course is available in both Swift and SwiftUI.

  1. Swift (iOS 11, Swift 4): The Swift course is currently on its 2018 version.

  1. SwiftUI: The SwiftUI course was last updated in 2021.

3. Kodeco

Kodeco is one of the best resources to learn iOS, Android, and Flutter development. There are free and paid courses available on Kodeco. The free courses are enough to get you started with iOS development.

4. Youtube

There are many channels on YouTube where you can learn iOS from. Following is a list of beginner friendly YouTube channels:

  1. iOS Academy -
  2. Sean Allen -
  3. CodeWithChris -
  4. London App Brewery -

5. Udemy

Udemy is a great place to learn iOS development. There are many free and paid courses available on Udemy. The following course taught by Angela Yu is one of the best courses to learn iOS development. The course is updated every year to include the latest changes in iOS.

For more resources, check out this article by Alex Grebenyuk.